Nato Summit 2014

NATO Summit provides periodic meeting opportunities for the heads of state and government of member countries to discuss the strategies that shape the relations between the alliances.

Wales Declaration Of NATO Summit 2014

NATO Summit 2014 will discuss the new policies and invite new members
into the alliance. It will kickstart major initiatives for the future & reinforce
new partnerships between the governments.

Wales Declaration On Afghanistan

Resolute Support Mission

The meetings addressed the issues of overarching strategic importance politics between the two nations.

Financial Sustainment Of The ANSF

Another milestone in the NATO Summit that will boost the evolution of the alliance.

NATO-Afghanistan Enduring Partnership

North Atlantic Council meetings have welcomed all the head members of the State Government under alliance.

Wales declaration On The Transatlantic Bond

Wales Summit Declaration was announced and issued by the Heads of State and Government in the last summit.

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NATO has the purpose of offering freedom and security to its members under an Alliance. NATO promotes democratic values and discusses the factors that affect the relations of the organization’s associated members.


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